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Design Guidelines

Zuccoli Aspire offers convenient and relaxed living. To establish and maintain the quality of this unique community, building design guidelines assist purchasers in designing and building their homes to a high standard, maximising the value of their investment and enhancing the quality of the estate as a whole. The guidelines cover issues such as appropriate fencing, front verge landscaping and building aesthetics.

Before building, purchasers are required to submit their house plans to Zuccoli Aspire for approval. This can be done at any time after the contract of sale has been signed.

Download the Home Design Guidelines Submit Home Design

Zuccoli Aspire residents are required to pay a Verge Protection and Covenant Bond the time of settlement. This bond is associated with compliance to all covenants, and is refundable at the completion of all works required under the covenants. This can be done by completing the form below and submitting to Zuccoli Aspire.

Download the Bond Return Form Submit Bond Return Form

Return these forms to: zuccoli@costaland.com.au

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